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Because of the current situation with the

COVID-19 virus

the hall will now be closed until 31st August


Temporary Hall Closure

                                                                                                                                          22nd June 2020

To all Hall Users

Dear Customers and Friends,


Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement during this time when we have had to close the Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall. We recently held our AGM by Zoom and informed those present that the Trustees have made the decision to aim to re-open the hall from 1st September 2020 provided the government guidance can be followed.


For this to work safely for everyone we will need to have certain matters in place:-

❖We will aim to have the premises clean but will expect users to bring any extra equipment they deem necessary and take it home again with them.

❖We offer the opportunity for one-way systems coming in and going out of the premises.

❖We will provide reminder notices at the entrances as suitable at the time. However, putting markings on the floor inside is not appropriate since our different users have different needs.

❖We recognise that for some groups social distancing will be easier than for others and that hiring a different room if available may be more appropriate.

❖We will be preparing a risk assessment and following all guidelines as directed and will be sending you further information on these matters as it becomes available.

❖Anyone who is unwell or considers themselves too vulnerable should not come to the hall until they feel fit to do so. Anyone who becomes unwell on the premises should report to the leader of the group and they should take appropriate action.

The use of toilets is one of the possible risk points and it will be up to each group to organise and patrol a system which suits their group – bearing in mind that there might also be other groups on the premises.

The other risk points are the kitchen and servery where food is prepared and where more than one group might be wanting to get refreshments.

We look forward to welcoming groups back to our hall and for the associated social activities of the village to begin again as soon as it is deemed safe for them to do so.

We hope that all users will soon be able to enjoy the use of the hall and the company of friends and neighbours. If you wish to re-start bookings from the beginning of September and would like to discuss anything then please feel free to get in touch.

Please contact us by phone or email as the hall remains closed and the office is not open for personal callers due to the need to continue following government guidance.

All good wishes,

Jane Hiley

Chair of Trustees