Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall ‘Where Ashtead Meets’ Tel. 01372 272921


Please ensure the following

 That you are familiar with the layout of the building and all fire exits, making sure all exits are kept clear at all times

 That you are familiar with the position and different requirements of fire extinguishers and that they are accessible

 Ensure that a working mobile phone is available to phone emergency services if necessary

 Prior to an event you give instructions about evacuation (should it be necessary) and instruct people to assemble in the car park and wait to be accounted for. (Ensure you obtain a list or information on the names and numbers of those present.)


Evacuate the building, check the toilets, and make sure disabled people are escorted to the Car Park

 Dial 999 and give the postcode of the building – KT21 2BE

 Ring fire bell (located in main hall) to alert other parts of the building

 Report the event to the caretaker as soon as possible (he and his family live above the hall and would also need to evacuate.)   Access to their flat is outside on the opposite side to Car Park – door named ‘Caretaker’.  

 Remain calm and authoritative  

 Leave doors closed if possible to prevent spread of fire

 Do not allow people to return inside the building to collect personal belongings

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