Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall ‘Where Ashtead Meets’ Tel. 01372 272921

The Hall is Looking for Volunteers


Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall – “Where Ashtead Meets” - is opening its doors to new volunteers.

Most of the Trustees are representatives of organisations who use the hall, but we are now looking to expand our numbers from other residents of Ashtead.

This is an opportunity to share with the Trustees the fun of running this charity, which is the social centre of Ashtead and a thriving small business.

What do we do?  

Following the rebuilding at the rear of the hall where the Marshall and Ralli rooms were redesigned to give more and better space, we have added a porch and improved disability access at the side of the hall. We undertake a programme of continuous refreshment of the rooms and our next project will be to replace part of the roof.

To raise finances for these projects, we organise such events as film nights, dances, lunches and a quiz, as well as working to obtain grants and donations from businesses and individuals.

Meetings are held monthly to make major decisions affecting the hall’s work, and there is an opportunity to join the officers to take a more active role. The hall organisation is lively and meetings are enjoyable.  There is much to do, but with plenty of willing helpers it all gets done.

If you live in Ashtead and feel you might like to be involved in a worthwhile and interesting community responsibility, why not contact us?  We would be happy to answer your questions without any commitment on either side, and advise you on how you could be most helpful to the hall and its objectives in serving Ashtead.

Please email or phone 01372 813047 for further information

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