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2019 AGM minutes

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Meeting Date 21 March 2019 Note Taker Rosemary Stark

1 Apologies

 Jean Law  -  Trustee representing Ashtead Choral Society

Judi Whitmarsh – Trustee representing  Ashtead Arts Society

Fiona Porter – Ashtead WI

Sue Hawksfield – Bookings Manager

Liz Storey – Examiner of Accounts

Eileen Close – Trustee representing Woodfield Entertainers

Rosemary Day

 The Chairman, Jane Hiley, welcomed 33 members to the 93rd Annual General Meeting.    Attendees were issued with an Agenda, Minutes of the last Meeting and the Annual Report and Accounts for 2018.


2 Declaration of Domicile There were 4 non-Ashtead residents present.


 Minutes of the meeting held on 15 March 2018 were approved and signed.

Matters Arising from the Minutes – Several Ashtead WI volunteers are now helping at the weekly Coffee Mornings and appreciation to all concerned was expressed.  


 Jane Hiley said that this was her 8th year as Chairman of APMH and that she was still enjoying her role and the opportunities which the Hall is giving to the social life of so many in the village and beyond.

The main focus for 2018 was to replace the roof on the north side of the Main Hall which was undertaken in August.    Also, during that time, the Main Hall was decorated and the annual floor maintenance was done.    In addition, a new cupboard to house the electrical panels was constructed, as well as the usual electrical and safety maintenance routines.

She sincerely thanked the Executive team who meet weekly to ensure the smooth running of the Hall.   Also the Staff who do a wonderful job – making sure that the Office runs smoothly and that the rooms are clean and prepared for each event.     The Hall is as busy as ever.    Thanks were also expressed to the users and supporters and to the Friends of Ashtead Village Hall who, by arranging 4 fund raising Dinners throughout the year, contribute significantly to the funds towards special projects.

Plans for 2019 are to completely refurbish the Servery during August so, again, it will be a busy and exciting year.   

An appreciation of all her hard work was expressed to the Chairman by the Secretary Rosemary Stark.


 Tony Williams reported that the Hall had experienced a good year financially in 2018 with incomes from lettings, deposits and storage up by 2% over 2017.    Operating expenditure in 2018 was higher with the cost of re-decorating the Main Hall and a slight increase in unplanned maintenance.

The Hall became subject to an increase of 2% from the Employer for the pensions auto enrolment requirements

5 Fund Raising events organised by the Trustees raised a net amount of £5,100 and the weekly Friday Coffee Mornings raised just over £2,000 for which he expressed sincere appreciation.

The main improvement for 2018 was the replacement of the north side roof which cost just under £20,000.    For 2019, the major improvement will be the total refurbishment of the Servery, for which there have been offers of donations or grants from The Friends of Ashtead Village Hall and from MVDC Community Infrastructure Levy.    These contributions are very much appreciated.

Overall the year ended with the same amount in the bank as at the start of the year.    Given the expense of the roof and the Hall redecoration this is an excellent result and sincerest thanks go to everyone who has made this possible.

Tony expressed his sincere thanks to Liz Storey who had again worked extremely hard and thoroughly as the Independent Financial Advisor and to the Officers and Trustees for all that they contribute by their support and organising Fund Raising Events.

In reply to a question from Claire Regnier who noted a considerable decrease in income from the Bar

Tony said that the consumption of alcohol had reduced generally and bookings were fewer.

Adoption of the Treasurer’s Annual Report was proposed by John Dunn, seconded by Graham Wood and carried unanimously.

The Treasurer was thanked by Jane Hiley for his meticulous work on dealing with the Hall Finances in such a competent and calm way.

Donation.   Simon Ling introduced Sharon Bagley, Chairman of Ashtead Rotary, who presented the APMH Chairman with a cheque for £10,000 to be spent on the refurbishment of the Servery.  She explained that Rotary support Community Projects and after using the Hall twice during the year for functions during which they had learnt about the plans for the Servery, the organisation decided to support APMH as it is a Hall at the heart of Ashtead and the Community.    Jane Hiley was delighted to receive such a substantial donation and thanked Ashtead Rotary for their generosity.    She commented that with this additional funding the Trustees would be able to do a really thorough refurbishment.

Friends of Ashtead Village Hall.   Mrs Pam Ventham-Smith added that there would be a donation of £10,000 from The Friends.    This was warmly welcomed and sincerest thanks were expressed.


 Mrs Elisabeth Storey has agreed to continue as the Examiner of the Accounts and her appointment was

Proposed by Pam Ventham Smith

Seconded by Di Stirling


Carried unanimously with the appointment being truly welcomed.


 The following Trustees had offered to stand again for another year.

Mr Derek Harwood – proposed by Gill Northcott and seconded by Judi Whitmarsh

Mrs Jane Hiley – proposed by Simon Ling and seconded by Jean Law

Mr Tony Williams – proposed by Di Stirling and seconded by Lew Lievesley

All three candidates were re-elected unanimously.


 Jean Law – representing Ashtead Choral Society and Lew Lievesley – representing

Ashtead Players resigned by rotation after three years of service.

Both had been nominated to continue representing their organisations on the APMH Committee and were invited to attend the Management Committee Meeting which followed to be formally appointed.

Mrs Ann Dunn and Mrs Pat Reynolds have agreed to continue as Co-opted Committee Members and will be formally appointed at the Committee Meeting.

 Thanks to the Caretaker.

The Chairman expressed her personal appreciation and that of the Trustees and Hall Users to Hanno Dreyer for all his hard work and dedication as Caretaker of the Hall.    Spontaneous applause followed by everyone present.


a) Usage Analysis of the APMH.   Ray Cane had compiled some interesting details of the Hall usage which he explained.    Some of the numbers were approximate but the footfall of people in the Main Hall alone during the year was over 26,000 with bookings in there being 49% usage.    For the Ralli Room it was 43% and 40% in the Marshall Room.   The least popular times were weekday afternoons in the Ralli and Marshall Rooms as well as Friday evenings.     There had been slightly fewer parties.

Martin Hiley queried if the Hall was advertised locally for use.   In response, RC said MVDC have details of Halls availability and facilities and details are on the APMH website.

Hanno responded by saying that the Hall was already very busy and that an increase in the present level of bookings would limit his ability to keep everywhere up to the standards which are required.   Bringing in additional helpers is expensive and their efforts are not always as high as is desired or expected.   It would be regrettable to have to lower the standard of preparation or cleanliness in order to increase usage.

Roy Guy added that APMH was not a business but an asset for the Community.

The Chairman thanked Ray Cane for his interesting analysis.

b) Yvonne Chappelle asked about the Servery Refurbishment and was concerned about an adequate hot water supply for washing up.    She was assured that this has already been considered in the plans.    It is also intended to remove the Lincat boiler from its present position and to install 2 new Lincats with additional capacity on either side of the hatch for adequate provision of hot water for hot drinks.

She then asked whether the Dishwasher would be replaced as it had been there for many years and was much slower than the one in the kitchen and its design was not as convenient.    The Chairman replied that currently there were no plans to replace it and limited space did not allow for a larger dishwasher similar to the one in the kitchen.   The installation of the new sinks and draining boards, which would be positioned right next to the dishwasher, would allow the trays with soiled crockery to be moved easily onto a trolley and then into the machine.    Although the Kitchen dishwasher had the option of 3 settings, the quickest position did not always remove stains to achieve cleanliness, resulting in the items having to be rewashed.      The single setting on the Servery one only takes 3 minutes so is still quick and efficient.      Hanno added that, in his opinion, the Winterhalter Servery dishwasher was more efficient and thorough than the kitchen one.

The chairman added that to comply with Health and Safety guidelines, it was necessary to have 3 sinks – one for washing up, one for hand washing and another for food preparation.   However, this would not result in a lack of work surfaces, as the smaller sinks would have removable covers, enabling their use as a working surface if necessary.    

c) Keith Allardyce asked if there were plans to make the toilet for the disabled more user friendly.   Currently the flush was too high and on the wrong side of the cistern.    The Chairman replied that some minor alterations had already been undertaken but changing the cistern was a major plumbing job.   Plans for a major refurbishment of the toilet are currently on the APMH Wish List and would possibly be considered as a project during 2020.    The needs of people vary according to their disability and, unfortunately, it is impossible to have an installation to suit everyone.   

d) Paul Shepherd from Surrey Jive asked if air conditioning could be installed in the Main Hall.    The Chairman said this matter had been fully discussed and considered previously with the conclusion that there were very few occasions when it is needed.  It can be very noisy and expensive to run.    Opening windows and doors was a simple solution.


a) Facebook Administration Advisor.    Volunteers were sought for this position which would allow information to be shared with other groups.

b) Help with Garden.    After 15 years of caring for and working on the APMH gardens, Barbara Quinlan was standing down.   She had been ably assisted by Di and Clive Stirling and Cheryl Greenwood and all were sincerely thanked for volunteering to keep the gardens looking colourful and welcoming.    Members of the Ashtead WI Gardening Group had agreed to continue this work led by Fiona Porter, Irene Hibbert and Beryl Gibson.    This was welcomed by all present.

c) Movie Night – Wednesday 8th May 2019.    The film to be shown is ‘Stan and Ollie’ which is being organised as a fund-raiser by the Trustees.    The layout for the chairs would be staggered to enable better sightlines to the screen.

d) Quiz Night – Friday 14th June 2019.    This is another fund raising event being organised by the Trustees.

e) Colin Shaul from LeRoc expressed his appreciation to the Trustees for allowing him to use the Hall on every available Tuesday evening after having suffered many problems with Dorking Halls.   APMH was a much preferred venue and ideal for dancing.

f) Stuart Tucker.    JH had bought a card for Stuart Tucker for his 90th Birthday on 22nd March and invited acquaintances of his to sign it.   Unfortunately, he would be celebrating his Birthday in hospital.


 The 94th AGM will be on Thursday 19th March 2020



 The Meeting finished at 8.25p.m. with thanks being expressed by the Chairman to everyone who had attended and who give so much support to the Hall.

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