Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall ‘Where Ashtead Meets’ Tel. 01372 272921

Risk Assessment Document July 2020. Prepared in light of Covid 19 Guidance.

Those responsible – Trustees of the Hall especially Executive Group – see Website for current details

 It is encouraged that the rooms used will be well ventilated – opening doors and windows whenever possible to allow the circulation of air and reduce risk of Covid virus being passed on.

Area of risk/ or Risk Identified

People at Risk


Actions to take to mitigate risk

Instructions to hirers



Contracting a virus from the environment.

Close contact with customers who may be unwell.

Encourage regular hygiene measures and compliance with the appropriate social distancing.

PPE – e.g. gloves etc to be provided.

Reminder notices displayed.

Respect Staff social distancing.

Maintain good standards of Hygiene

 Staff do not need to be present during hirings.

Customers should make their own arrangements in advance of bookings.



Contracting the virus through their activities in the hall.

Any people who are extremely vulnerable should avoid coming to the hall at this time.

Hand sanitiser available.

Reminder notices displayed

Arrange work to be done out of booking hours.

Keep interaction with contractors or volunteers to a minimum.

Use contractors who know the hall.


Risk of contracting the infection which may remain active on surfaces for some time.


 Provide PPE – gloves etc. Use antibacterial sprays and cloths and bin rubbish correctly

Any equipment brought from home must be taken home again and cleaned

 Regular cleaning needed

Outside of Hall  

Minimum risk as in open air.

Car parking not our responsibility

Reminder notices regarding health and safety,

 Remind Hirers not to allow lapses in social distancing outside.

One way system for entrances is possible.

Front Lobby

 Entering office and being too close to a member of staff.

Hand sanitiser available  and suitable posters on display.

Arrange supervision of queues – have one-way system in place if necessary

  Cleaning of door handles and switches at regular intervals.

 Front toilets

Too many people entering at one time. Corridor is narrow to Gents.

 Reminder notice on toilet doors.

Ask customers to minimise the use of toilets and to ensure compliance with rules

 Paper towels better than hand dryers – these should be turned off  

Main Hall

 Chairs too close together.

Frequent use of chairs by different people

Passing round a microphone can pass on germs.

Layouts to be agreed in advance.

Spare chairs left in stacks

Chairs are covered in antiviral material

Use of microphones and sound equipment which will need to be wiped regularly

 Request layout to allow social distancing – do not later move things around if then not in compliance

Be aware of spillages and clean up quickly.

Microphones to be used by individuals only.

Disposable wipes for chairs and other surfaces.

Bin to be prominent .

Cleaning of sound equipment, door handles and light switches important


Users touching many surfaces

Notice indicating Staff only

Please do not enter the store.

 Need to have equipment out and ready in advance

  Comply with current H & S guidelines.

Servery / Kitchen

 Food preparation and use of shared Equipment

People who are unwell being present and passing on contamination

Facility already compliant with H and S guidelines.

No T towels to be provided.

Paper towels and bins available.

Posters for reminders

Consider bringing refreshments from home

Control numbers to allow

Social distancing

Expectation of good standards is usual for our hall.

If unwell do not come to the hall.

Other toilets

Too many people queueing

Hand dryers may spread droplets

Reminder notices regarding keeping social distance

Provide paper towels and bins

 Disabled toilet for those who really need it.

Regulate toilet access and Wash hands frequently

 Turn off hand dryers

Use paper towels and bins.

Marshall room

 Chairs too close together

Small space – risk of close proximity – may be used by small children

Reminder notices

Regular cleaning

 Be aware of others who may use this room and keep clean please

Smaller space, hirers

may choose to use a bigger room.

 Ralli Room .  

Chairs too close together

Narrow entrance  - frequently touched surfaces by hatch

Reminder notices

Regular cleaning

Be aware of others who may use this room and keep clean please

Microphones to be used by individuals and not passed round the group.

Use of microphones and sound equipment which will need to be wiped regularly  


Close proximity of customers.

Protection of Staff

One way system to be in place.

Franchisee to provide contactless payment equipment. Staff to use PPE as necessary

Plastic screens to be considered if necessary

Please be patient while queueing for the use of the Bar.

Expect to pay with contactless cards.

One way system could include back corridor but customers must remain aware of other hall users.


Curtains are more likely to retain the virus due to their material.

  Limit use of stage

Please beware of touching stage curtains they are hard to clean and not easy to remove.

 Common sense needs to be applied


 Close proximity of people

Customers have been reminded of social distancing through posters

  Please be aware of other people and keep distanced or pass quickly

Wearing of face masks might help while going along corridors but this is not beneficial if masks are then touched or removed while in the event.  


Touching play equipment and spreading the virus

Customers asked not to touch play equipment

   Please be aware that young children will be using the play equipment and you could pick up the virus.

  Reminder about litter

And keeping area clean

If someone becomes ill it is the responsibility of the hirer to make the proper arrangements.

The front Ladies toilet lobby could be used as a “safe place” to take someone who is ill until help arrives.

Whiteboards can be used for notices and put out when needed – this will mean that things can be changed when the guidance changes.

Advance booking for groups and registers to be taken so they do not have unexpected numbers of people attending.

Notices to be provided :-    Catch it – Bin it – Kill it.    

       Keep your distance

       Wash hands regularly                                                   We are complying with Guidance

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