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Letter from the chair of the trustees

Date :    1st August 2021

To all Hall Users

Dear Customers and Friends,

Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement during the times when we have had to close the Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall. We are now looking forward to September’s full reopening following the latest government guidance.

It is now possible for groups to book rooms at the APMH as long as they are complying with the regulations.  There are posters at both entrances along with a QR code and hand sanitiser. We expect everyone who uses our hall to do so responsibly in order to keep themselves and others safe.

Guidance also varies according to your particular activity so it is necessary for you to consult your organisation leadership in order to ensure compliance. If in doubt err on the side of caution.

There are no guarantees that guidance will remain the same please remain vigilant.

For now:-

Face Coverings are encouraged on entering the building

Hand sanitiser and other cleanliness measures in place

Use the QR code to show you have been in the building (for track and trace)

Where possible remain alert to social distancing especially when using the toilets.

We will open the bar when it is safe to do so and financially viable. If you wish to use the bar, then contact our bookings manager and she will contact the franchisee on your behalf. A one-way system is encouraged when using the bar to ensure safe distancing.

We look forward to welcoming groups back to our hall and for the associated social activities of the village to begin again as soon as the group leaders deem it safe for their group to return.

If you wish to re-start bookings and would like to discuss anything then please feel free to get in touch.                    

All good wishes,                                        Jane Hiley  -    Chair of Trustees